Sunday Night Again

Yes, it’s Sunday night again and I’m looking at another week incarcerated in a windowless office with a thousand items of eBay stock and the scent of ancient sweat drifting off a pile of used foreign banknotes. Years ago I was present when a dealer opened a shoebox crammed with used notes from a distant land . The experience of lifting the lid and taking a breath was very much like being coshed with a sweaty football sock crammed with mature cheese. I have been dubious about used foreign notes ever since.

Sometimes they bring back pleasant memories of exotic foreign trips, but mostly they just remind me of that shoebox. That makes me sound like a man who made exotic foreign trips. Actually I only made a couple, and they were for business so they tended to be big on work and light on tourism.

And with thoughts of missed opportunities, I will now turn back to plans for the week.

Tomorrow I am rising at 6.30 to get to the hospital in time to get a parking space and, with luck, a short wait for a blood test. I haven’t been since before Christmas so I’m hoping I hit target as I like it when you get two or three months between tests.

For the rest of the week I have a visit from a tree surgeon, who is going to trim a tree, a visit to charity shops to drop off some books and other clutter, and a trip to the doctor to review medication. Not the most inspiring of weeks. I really ought to add the Power Point to that, because days have a terrible habit of melting away if you don’t plan properly.

I know that the most productive periods of my life have been the ones where I’ve planned them properly, but I’m lazy and tend to let things slide.

I will add “planning” to the list. It’s time to shake off the winter and get to work.


Sculpture at Scarborough

The pictures are onesย I recently found on a camera card I’d mislaid. It’s a sculpture from the seafront at Scarborough, and it’s surprisingly difficult to photograph, as there are always people in the way, looking at it or the information board.

Sculpture at Scarborough

Sculpture at Scarborough

17 thoughts on “Sunday Night Again

  1. tootlepedal

    A Power Point presentation is a terrifying task, I agree, but with your skills you will sail through it when you get started. My policy has always been to leave such tasks until the very final moment and then I don’t have the bother of having to edit the whole thing or even start again. Let desperation be your watchword.

    1. quercuscommunity

      You have described my normal method. In fact you have also described my current situation quite nicely. . I had eight months, I started last week and now have 12 days left and a growing feeling of panic. Desperation will begin in a week or so, as I still have a disply to do too.

  2. Helen

    I hope you have had your blood tests now (10 am) and you wonโ€™t need to go back for a good stretch of time.

    I have seen the sculpture on the promenade at Scarborough but it took me a moment to remember this. I canโ€™t imagine it would have been too pleasant there with our weather of late.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Fingers crossed. The test seemed to go well enough, with plenty of blood and out within 20 minutes so no car parking to pay!

      Somewhere I have some photos of the front around there with masssive waves and sea foam all over the place. It can be a bit wild, can’t it?

      1. Helen

        Extra good that you didnโ€™t have to pay for parking!

        As for the sea at Scarborough, I remember the waves leaping up onto the promenade on a day out with friends when we were 18. We were a bit fearless and found it quite exciting dodging the waves.

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