Birds on Banknotes



Sudanese Banknotes

Last night I started writing the looming presentation then made sandwiches. I always leave them until late as it keeps them fresher. This is more important these days as I no longer wrap them, just put them in a plastic box. So far it has worked, and we have cut down on plastic and foil.

I made my normal tuna filling – tin of tuna, chopped spring onion, black pepper and mayonnaise. I often add lemon juice or zest, but had no lemon last night.

I had no cobs either, so used sliced bread. Two rounds each, because Julia works hard and I’m greedy. That was when I discovered something interesting. The surface area of two slices of bread, being larger than that of two cobs, means that the spread only makes three sandwiches. That was why I had one cheese and pickle sandwich and one tuna sandwich.

Then, off to the living room to fall uncomfortably asleep in my chair. That wasn’t actually my intention but it was what happened. I fell asleep shortly before midnight and woke slightly after 2.30. Crawled up to bed, woke Julia, agreed with Julia that I was (a) inconsiderate (b) cold and (c) old enough to know better. Two hours later I rose, as my body has developed the habit of producing more liquid than it takes in, and managed to slip back into bed without Julia noticing.

Another note from Suriname

Another note from Suriname

At 6.40 I woke again, as I have developed a habit of waking just before the alarm goes off. In the days of mechanical alarm clocks I put this down to the preparatory click that my clock used to give. In the days of electronic technology I can only suggest it’s a primaeval instinct. And a bloody nuisance.

Smugly, after a brief chat with Julia, I snuggled back under the covers and enjoyed the warm and virtuous feeling of a man who, because of circumstances beyond his control, need not get out of bed to give his wife a lift to work an hour and a half before he really wants to get up.

There really is no better feeling than lying under a stack of covers feeling warm and relaxed. Well, warm relaxed and with a bacon sandwich would be better, if I’m honest, but Julia seems resistant to suggestions that she cooks my breakfast before leaving.

At work I took 85 photographs of banknotes and dealt with twenty one phone enquiries about rare coins and similar things. My world tour has moved from Sudan to Trinidad and Tobago. I prefer the designs of the latter, but Sudan is a lot easier to type.


Swedish 20 Kronor – the figure on the back of the goose is Nils, from the books by Selma Lagerlof -a very interesting writer I had never heard of until today.

I wish I’d worked harder at school and got a proper skill…


17 thoughts on “Birds on Banknotes

  1. Laurie Graves

    You traveled all around the world without ever leaving your home! Like Lavinia, I was taken with the banknotes from Suriname and Sweden. Gee, I wonder why Julia doesn’t want to make you breakfast before she goes to work. πŸ˜‰

  2. derrickjknight

    I like the banknote picture. I have never used an alarm clock. I have the ability to wake at the time I set myself before going to sleep. I can’t do that during the daytime.

  3. Lavinia Ross

    The banknote from Suriname is particularly beautiful, and the Swedish bank note is nice, too. Nils of the Geese must be an interesting character.

    You will do well with your presentation. πŸ™‚

  4. tootlepedal

    You seem pretty skilled to me. I am always in awe of people with good knowledge of a subject, especially when it is good enough to persuade people to listen to a talk. I trust that there will be a podcast.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Let me see…podcast…hah! My understanding of podcast is that it’s a bit like a wireless programme but it uses equipment which is a mystery to me. Actua;;y, alarmed by my ignorance, I might actually look it up. I actually meant to learn about podcasts some months ago but forgot.


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