A Little Learning

After a day of dragging a collection of aching joints around I finally surrendered at 5pm last night and went to bed. Julia returned home from work, administered tea and hot cross buns (yes, it’s that time of year again) and left me to recover in my own time.

She applied fish and chips later in the evening with tea and sympathy and the threatened flu never materialised. That might have been because I averted illness with a well-timed nap and application of carbohydrates. Or it may have I was merely cold, short of sleep and getting old.

Today, I find myself quite perky and have returned to blogging.

We had no internet at work today. When we rang the company they said they knew about it and were working on fixing the problem. They carried on working to fix the problem for another five hours. WE couldn’t put anything on eBay, we couldn’t answer emails, we couldn’t even Google things that cropped up in conversation. We did manage to send some parcels after accessing the internet via the boss’s phone but it is not the same as sitting at a screen.

In 1973 we celebrated EU membership

In 1973 we celebrated EU membership

We had to send two people across the road to use the cash machine because we couldn’t take card payments without access to the internet. They both came back, which was good, because sometimes they just drift off and don’t come back. Fortunately our only telephone buyer of the day rang five minutes after the connection was restored.

At least all this gave me time to polish the counters and clean the work surfaces in the kitchen. I also cleaned about 1,200 photos off my memory card. I tend to leave them there, even though I won’t need them again. I really should start behaving in a more responsible manner with my stored photos.

So, there we go.

Today’s learning outcomes are that I now realise how much we rely on the internet and that I must spend more time organising my photographs and sleeping. But mainly I learnt how much more I have to learn. After a day with plenty of time to think, I realised there’s a lot of stuff out there that I still don’t know.



20 thoughts on “A Little Learning

  1. Laurie Graves

    We do indeed rely on the Internet for many things. Glad you are feeling better. Lovely snowdrops. And, yes, there is so much to learn. One lifetime will never cover even a fraction of it, but that is what we have, and we must always make the best of it.

  2. Sharon

    Hope the flu stays at bay, hot cross buns and fish and chips sound like a wonderful cure! The world is such an exciting place there is always something to learn and curiosity keeps us young, mind you the internet does seem to be a fundamental tool in satisfying curiosity these days, we really can’t live without it.

      1. derrickjknight

        Yes. Just before I got a virus soon after one of the knee replacements I couldn’t move at all – had to be pulled off the sofa. Only after I realised what I had did I see the connection.

  3. jodierichelle

    I’m glad Julia’s care and love did the trick! And it is AMAZING how everything comes to a standstill when the internet is down. I do SO MANY things without the internet that I’d think it would be easy to just do those things (cleaning, etc.). But somehow it puts me off my game terribly.


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