Awkward Friday

It’s one of those odd days today – the day between Boxing Day and the weekend. I’m not sure anybody knows what to do with it. I got up early to do things and get myself in gear before returning to work on Saturday. The things I ended up doing were watching TV, eating toast and ringing people instead of going to see them. It was just so relaxing sitting at home with food, fire and family. It just goes to show that some things never go out of fashion.

I always used to work Christmas Day when I worked with poultry, as it used to allow the family men to have time off with their families. Later, I used to work Boxing Day and New Year’s Day doing antiques fairs. It’s only in the last ten years that I’ve begun to relax and enjoy holidays at home. This may, of course, simply be a sign of age or idleness, rather than a sign of relaxing.

I have been catching up on some reading over the last few days, nothing heavy, just a few crime novels. I’m just finishing Death on the Canal, part of a series set in Amsterdam featuring a female detective so weighed down with personal baggage that you just want to scream “less is more!” at the author.

I may write a full review later, but as it stands, with a Goodreads score of 3.7, it’s good , and I’d read more if they were given to me, as this one was, but I’m not sure I’d search them out and pass money over. Well written, great sense of place but too much baggage and the plotting isn’t quite crisp enough. I’m near the end and a character from the beginning has just been introduced as part of the solution. I’m not sure I’m happy with that – it’s one step beyond a red herring. I’m also starting to think I’ve missed a hole in the plot, so I’m off for a quick look.

I’ll let you know after I’ve finished and double-checked.

Meanwhile, I’ll slip in another library photograph. It’s a canal at Stoke on Trent. It’s a very vague link to Amsterdam, but it’s the best I’ve got.



6 thoughts on “Awkward Friday

  1. tootlepedal

    The test of the crime thriller for me is: do I turn to the end to see how it finished before I have read it all? If I do, then the writing isn’t good enough to sustain the plot. I never try to guess who dunnit if it is that kind of book. I wait for the author to tell me.

  2. Lavinia Ross

    Enjoy your holidays at home, Quercus. There are fewer of the grand total left to enjoy with every passing year. It isn’t long before we have used them all up. Be merry, and enjoy the Stilton cheese. 🙂

    1. quercuscommunity

      I try to avoid thinking about the countdown. When I was in my early 40s I was talking to a friend about this and how we probably had fewer Christmases in our future than our past.

      Little did I realise that twenty years later he wouldn’t be here.


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