Boxing Day

Number One Son cooked sausages for brunch and Julia cooked in the evening – gammon, bread sauce, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, brocolli and stir-fried red cabbage with apple, for those of you who like to know these things (and future researchers looking into the diet of 21st century Britain). We snacked on a few nuts, ate some Turkish Delight and I’m thinking of serving coffee and cake when I finish this post.

This evening I’ve written part of the post I keep promising about the Gibraltar Β£20 coin, but kept getting diverted by other things. I’m good at finding diversions.

That, apart from reading, playing Candy Crush, watching TV and pondering eternal questions like “Why am I so lazy?” has been my day.

In keeping with my theme of laziness I am now going to make the coffee, eat the cake and watch TV. Tomorrow I may well be a bit more active and open the cheese I bought for Christmas. So far, as we try to limit our over-eating, we haven’t actually had any cheese.

On Saturday I will return to work. I’m hoping that many regular customers will come to see us clutching money they have been given for Christmas.

16 thoughts on “Boxing Day

  1. higgledypiggledymom

    Boxing Day was great…kids came over and brought lunch items and I stayed in sweats. We did little and snoozed greatly. Out to dinner was really good, so we did make it out and we had to walk to and from.

  2. Helen

    I’m hoping Tesco will have a range of Christmas cheese on special offer. Another customer last year helpfully encouraged me to buy a few months’ supply by informing me I could freeze the blue cheese. Hopefully, you have now been enjoying yours?

    1. quercuscommunity

      We will be opening it tonight. Despite all my care I still bought too much stuff. Good tip about freezing – it’s one of those things I’d been told before but had forgotten.

      1. quercuscommunity

        A modest over-purchase is a prudent precaution, and is forced on us to a certain extent if we are to ensure variety. You are to be commended for having seven sorts. I have been boringly conservative in my choices this year.

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