DD 7, HP 16 and HP 18

DD7 is, you may recall, the Dundee postcode area. That was the second time I’d discussed Dundee. That’s embarrassing, just like getting old and repeating the same stories over and over. I note that not all the facts are consistent between the two posts. Not only repetitive, but inaccurate. This is not good enough.

DD7 is actually the town of Carnoustie, which is most famous for its golf course. I didn’t know much about it until I checked Wikipedia. It’s a fascinating place and the Wiki page is much more informative than usual. It has it all – the linen industry, famous people, several explanations of the name and two VC winners – Charles Jarvis and George Samson. They have streets named after them in Carnoustie.

HP 16 and HP 18 are both in the Hemel Hempstead postcode area, which is 24 miles North-West of London. It’s an interesting town, as I recall, with a gyratory roundabout system and a rugby pitch built on an old council tip. It’s also the home of Hemel Stags – a very successful southern rugby league club. I went to a Sealed Knot battle there once and ended up in the medical tent having four stitches in my eyebrow after taking a musket butt to the face. It was a touch awkward because the bloke next to me turned and said: “You were the bloke who broke my leg last year.”

We parted as friends.

Happy Days…

HP 16 is Great Missenden, the one time home of author Roald Dahl. I’ve never been there, though it gets a good write-up. They have a Roald Dahl Museum. I may have to visit one day.

HP 18 includes the village of Brill. It has a windmill, some Civil War history (which includes John Hampden), and a VC winner.

Time to go now – election results to watch.



12 thoughts on “DD 7, HP 16 and HP 18

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    1. quercuscommunity

      They were from last year – we haven’t had much frost round here yet. The Sealed Knot was robust. I was only injured twice in action, the other two were in the beer tent. 🙂

  2. derrickjknight

    What’s a few stitches compared to a broken leg? Although it wasn’t broken, I do have a dent in my right shin inflicted by a rugby opponent’s boot. He apologised to me in the bar afterwards. “It’s OK”, said I. I know it wasn’t done on purpose.” “Oh, it was,” he replied.


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