Grinding to a Halt

Sorry about the unexplained absence. On Monday night I felt sluggish, I followed this up with a bad night and by Tuesday morning I was close to a state of suspended animation.

I still went to work, because there were only two of us in on Tuesday, but feel a bit bad for taking the money for doing next to nothing.

When I got home I sat in the car for a few minutes to listen to the end of a radio programme and seem to have fallen asleep. I don’t remember doing it, or even feeling sleepy, but I do remember waking up so there is pretty strong evidence to suggest that is what happened.

The fact that I just had to correct six typos in that paragraph further indicates that I’m still not firing on all cylinders.

I went to bed and slept until Julia returned from a staff meeting. She wasn’t noisy but after years of parenthood you can detect the noise of key in lock from the deepest slumber. I think I managed to make conversation of an acceptable nature as she went away fairly happy and left me to sleep.

When I did drag myself from bed I was in time to see the final element of the Great British Bake Off. They have, as usual, managed to select a final three that I don’t agree with. It’s nothing to do with their baking skills, or even their worth as human beings, because you simply can’t tell without meeting them. However, two of them do exude an aura of oily smugness when viewed on TV. It’s mostly the same every year, the three or four that I like as people prove themselves to be totally incompetent within the first few episodes and I have to watch as the competition is won by sycophants, Paul Hollywood’s favourite or a fully paid up member of the jolly hockeysticks brigade.

Generally I can’t even remember them a couple of years from their win.

While I was looking up the link for GBBO I wandered into looking up what happened to past winners. While I was doing that I found an interesting new fact.

Have you ever heard of Otter Fishing?

Don’t worry, it’s not like trout fishing, it’s using otters to drive fish into your nets. I’d herad of cormorant fishing, but never otters. I also learned that in the 16th and 17th centuries we had cormorant fishing in the UK.

Wonders will never cease…

Fondant Fancy, with lesser cakes at Botham's in Whitby

Botham’s Whitby

28 thoughts on “Grinding to a Halt

  1. higgledypiggledymom

    Now those are lovely looking tea tasties!!
    I often don’t agree with the last 3 folk, although it is great when someone the judges have tut-tutted breaks through and proves them wrong. Hurrah!! The newer shows without Mary Berry, Sue and Mel are not shown here, or they’re on channels/subscriptions we don’t get. I’ve seen a few when in London, but not as impressed. Ah well….

  2. Laurie Graves

    Glad you are feeling better! Bilbo had a wonderful description of not feeling up to snuff: like butter spread thin on too much bread. Or something like that. Oh, I was envious of those pastries and sandwiches. A tea, would you call it?

      1. Laurie Graves

        Over thirty years ago, I stayed with friends in Whitby. Love that place. Didn’t go to Mrs. Bothams. Either it wasn’t open then or we missed it.

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