FK4 and SE16

I knew FK was in Scotland, so I’d guessed Falkirk, and found I was correct. If I ever need a second specialist subject for Mastermind this could be it.

It contains Bonnybridge, Allandale, Banknock, Dennyloanhead,Greenhill, Haggs, High Bonnybridge and Longcroft. As it’s first in the list I will select Bonnybridge. Wiki is not particularly helpful and, to be frank, I may not send them my customary donation next time they ask.

The Falkirk Local History Society does it better. Bonnybridge had a Roman Fort, just like Caerphilly and, in 1820 was the scene of a cavalry charge when a group of Hussars charged a radical demonstration.

I was interested to hear that because civil unrest of the 19th Century is an interest of mine. If I was to have another life apart from the grumpy shop assistant/world class procrastinator existence I am currently living I’d like to be a history lecturer at a reasonably rural university specialising in civil unrest from the Peasants Revolt to the Tithe Wars of the 1930s. Even with this interest in the subject, I hadn’t heard of the Scottish Insurrection of 1820 until I started researching this post.

I will now pass on to SE16. It’s Rotherhithe. I haven’t been to London for over 25 years so it’s a bit of a mystery to me. I know there’s a tunnel there, but I didn’t know it was where the Brunels built their Thames Tunnel – the first underwater tunnel in the world. Nor did I realise there had been two attempts before the Brunels succeeded.

It just goes to show how much I still have to learn.


Some Scottish stamps to remember Falkirk by…

9 thoughts on “FK4 and SE16

  1. Helen

    Rotherhithe sounds like it should have a Falkirk postcode to me! That aside, I clearly also learned something about the Brunels.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Here’s another one for you – Isambard designed a pneumatic railway somewhere (can’t remember where) and had to use greased leather washers to seal the system (in the days before all this rubber and plastic). IT closed because rats kept eating the tasty greased leather. 🙂


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