The Second Post of the Day

And so, with just 21 minutes of the day remaining, I find myself struggling to post twice in 24 hours.

I really do need to have a serious look at the way I live my life.

I’ve managed to shop, make lunch (hot dogs), write, have a short walk, and sleep through most of Strictly Come Dancing and Sanditon. After checking up on the net and talking to Julia, it seems that sleeping through Sanditon was a good choice.

So, on Strictly they voted off James Cracknell. Two Olympic Golds, six World Golds, rowed the Atlantic, fastest ever Brit in the Marathon des Sables, and a number of other things. But not a great dancer, it must be said.

However, at least he got the “celebrity” bit right, There are a number of competitors who I still can’t identify even after watching two episodes.Two minutes to go…

I came back after midnight to put a picture on. It’s the damage to the car, which seems so long ago now.

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