Coins, coins, coins, coins, coins…

I’ve been putting commemorative coins on eBay today. It’s quite relaxing, and efficient, if you can get into the right rhythm. Unfortunately, it seems to be an unwritten rule that as soon as I get into the swing of things someone has to ring me up to ask a question.

We are currently running at one third queries about gold, one third useful sales leads and one third stupid questions. This isn’t too bad as ratios go, as there have been times when it’s been 90% stupid questions.

The advantage of world unrest and an idiot in Downing Street is that fear is rising and the pound is falling. This means gold is going up (up about £20 an ounce in the last week). It’s steady rather than meteoric but it does mean people want to sell, whilst others are thinking of buying.

Edward VII Sovereign (Obverse)

Edward VII Sovereign (Obverse)

Since my haircut, which will be unveiled once I can find a suitably studious background for a selfie, I have a certain resemblance to Edward VII. The resemblance is that I’m fat, bald and bearded. He was fat, bald and bearded and the wastrel son of Queen Victoria.

For a finale I will leave you with a few photos of today’s coins. They aren’t as interesting as sovereigns, or as expensive, and most of all, they won’t be any use for buying groceries when we have a zombie meltdown.



16 thoughts on “Coins, coins, coins, coins, coins…

  1. Laurie Graves

    I can see how coins would make a welcome distraction from politics. You have Tweedledee and we have Tweedledum. Or is it the other way around? Son of a biscuit! Anyway you look at it, what a pair!

  2. arlingwoman

    Golly Quercus, I thought you might be going to write something happy today! Well, I sympathize; our nutcase and yours make for, what? a new habit of news avoidance?

    1. quercuscommunity

      I was talking to someone today who put £5,000 on Boris Johnson at odds of 8-1.

      I’d like £40,000 but I wouldn’t like the gambling habit that goes with it! 🙂


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