Hoverflies and Broken Dreams

Subtitle: Poppies, Pollinators and Parcels.

I was torn between the two titles, but went for the bleaker one because I’m a shameless attention seeker.

I walked in to work this morning and found we had sixteen parcels to pack, It doesn’t seem much to do in three hours, though it’s probably fair to say that after seeing a couple of customers and queuing at the Post Office we had two and a half hours of packing. Or five hours, seeing as there were two of us.

That’s about twenty minutes per parcel, which seems OK, though when you have 100 loose coins to pack into a non-rattling parcel it can take a bit of time.

Part of the problem is that we have over two thousand items of stock on eBay and not enough storage space. We can locate 95% of the stock with ease, but we have to pack and repack the cupboards each time, which is time consuming, and the system is starting to creak.

To be fair, the cupboards are starting to creak too and I’m beginning to worry about being crushed to death in a cascade of coins and shattered woodwork. And shattered dreams. It was never meant to end like this…

Despite the somewhat gloomy thoughts, I am cheered by the poppy photos – they were absolutely packed with pollinators this morning, which validates our garden choices. They often have pollinators on them but the light and wind often work against me, and the numbers aren’t normally as impressive.


Poppy with Pollinators


18 thoughts on “Hoverflies and Broken Dreams

  1. tootlepedal

    I am sorry about the wretched customers pestering you for coins all the time. Still, it must take your mind off the impending cupboard catastrophe.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’m not quite sure what species the poppies are. They look like Welsh poppies but Welsh poppies are yellow. I’m going to try for more poppies next year but my various attempts with Icelandic poppies and Oriental poppies have never worked.

  2. jodierichelle

    Wow – That’s an awesome poppy/pollinator pic. And, to your other point – I think that “too many sales that you can’t keep track of” is rather a good problem. You just need to update your way of doing things to keep up. I see this stuff all the time. (Do you know I am a freelance bookkeeper/office manager?) Organization and record keeping is the key for you. As soon as you feel frustrated – take note. THAT’S what needs to be fixed.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I started some subtle reorganising this morning. It’s tricky when you have a boss with fixed ideas and a coworker who likes to be different. Twenty five years of self-employment have left me devoid of strategies for co-working.


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