Larcenous Laridae of Llandudno

I refer specifically to the Herring Gull, or Larus Argentatus as its mother calls it. Other gulls are available and most of them have better manners. As you may recall, we had a trip to the seaside last week but couldn’t download the photos. I finally managed.

Part One is the gull special.We had a coffee after arrival, and I took a few photos of gulls as we sat round. I already had a subject in mind, as I’d been the victim of an attempted hit and run mugging five years ago when a gull had combed my hair with its feet as it tried to reach my chips.

Little did I realise, as I took a few general shots, that I was, within the hour, going to be the victim of another, more successful, attempt.

I had a strawberry and chocolate ice cream clutched in my hand when it happened.

There was a flutter, a flash of white and, when everything cleared, a distinct lack of ice cream.

It was lying on the pier, melting. And I was standing over it fencing with my walking stick so that the malefactor would not profit from its crime.

Bloody gulls!


10 thoughts on “Larcenous Laridae of Llandudno

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  4. tootlepedal

    As a boy, I was always taught that eating outside (except at carefully regulated picnics) was not the right thing to do. I still feel guilty if I eat outdoors to this day. Still I do occasionally have an ice cream on our Kilngreen but the black headed gulls are obviously more polite that the Larus Argentatus.


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