Scone Chronicles XVIII – Bakewell Pudding

The header picture is Julia sitting outside the Bakewell Pudding Parlour. Last time she was left to her own devices here she ended up buying macaroons. I’d forgotten all about that, and, once again, failed to supervise her in an appropriate manner. She emerged with teas, bakewell puddings and cheese pasties. She keeps feeding me despite my diet. When I say pasties, by the way, they were monstrous. They were big enough to use as hats. It seemed rude not to eat it, even though it contains a possibly lethal dose of fat and calories.


However, I’m not going to talk about pasties, because this is a chronicle of scones. So I’m going to talk about Bakewell Puddings. There’s only so much you can say about scones, and I’m short of ideas for places to visit at the moment. My brain seems to be working rather slowly at the moment. I swear I’ve declined in intelligence over the last few months. Much more of this and I’ll have no option but to embark on a political career.

The Bakewell Pudding, as made in Bakewell, is not the same as the shop bought Bakewell Tart, which is generally an iced cake in a pastry case.  I’ve not made a Bakewell of any type myself, though I have made frangipanes with Cape Gooseberries (physalis, inca berries, ground cherries – it has so many names).

Today’s puddings were great – flaky pastry cases full of sticky deliciousness. Julia didn’t care for them, preferring something less sticky. It’s an ill wind that blows no good, or, in other words, I ate hers too.

In truth, they will never replace scones, but they are a pleasant change and it seems silly to go all the way to Bakewell to eat scones.


I also bought a few books, so it was a good day.

18 thoughts on “Scone Chronicles XVIII – Bakewell Pudding

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  2. Clare Pooley

    Like John, I have only ever visited the Original Bakewell Pudding Shop; though whether it is ‘the original’ I do not know. I must seek out The Pudding Parlour next time we are in Bakewell which will probably be in August. The cheese pasties look tasty!

  3. tootlepedal

    I didn’t realise that you are sick enough to contemplate a career in politics. Please get well soon.

    A visit to Ecclefechan to sample an Ecclefechan tart should be in your plans.

    1. quercuscommunity

      It’s not so much a contemplation, more a realisation my brain is deteriorating to the standard of a politician.

      I have made a note of Ecclefechan tarts – I had them from the supermarket once but suspect they are better in Ecclefechan 🙂

      1. quercuscommunity

        The nearest I’ve been is Annan. I went one damp, dull autumn evening and immediately realised why my great-great-grandfather had been so happy to escape to Blackburn.

  4. John’s Postcards

    I agree these are nothing like the Bakewell tarts we see in supermarkets nor like anything we have made at home. I love your comment about ‘may have to embark on a popliteal career’! I wasn’t aware of the parlour. We have only been to the Original Bakewell Pudding shop when in Bakewell.


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