Life and Times of a Couch Potato

I’ve not covered myself in glory today, as far as work is concerned. Starting with good intentions, I have fallen far short of my ambitions.

Dusk is falling now and I’m watching a documentary about the Durrell family.

I have been struggling to concentrate and have read a few poems from the new edition of Acumen, but little else. The magazine has just been turned down for Arts Council Funding and is starting to raise money for itself.

As someone who has struggled to raise funds for junior sport and people with learning difficulties I am in two minds. I do sympathise with the loss of funding, but I can’t help feeling that poetry isn’t quite as important as kids or people with disabilities.

Much of the day was taken up with a couple of Columbo episodes, including one where Dick van Dyke, in a beard borrowed from a Boer Farmer, performs a murder that could have been solved by a child who had once watched CSI. How times have changed…

Today’s plots revolved around things like telephone answering machines and altering the hands of clocks. There wasn’t a mobile phone in sight, and certainly no mention of DNA.

It was a refreshing change, but also slightly frustrating, as even I seem to know more about the forensics of gunshots than Columbo.

The coin in the featured image is a Dylan Thomas commemorative. I’ve mentioned poetry and I happen to have it stored where it’s available to the blog, so it’s vaguely suitable. Hopefully I’ll soon be back on track with computers, though I’ve made no progress yet.

It’s quite a good likeness, despite looking like he’s standing in a wind tunnel.


7 thoughts on “Life and Times of a Couch Potato

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  2. tootlepedal

    The problem of the relative needs of arts and social funding should be solved by the application of more funding not by slicing the cake ever thinner. If the so called fifth (or possibly sixth) richest country in the world can’t afford a poetry magazine, things have come to a pretty pass. And yes, I have never voted for a party that promised to cut taxes and never will.

    1. quercuscommunity

      It’s tricky. If we spend money on poetry there may not be enough left over for tanks, speed cameras and tax inspectors.

      Personally, I’d take the whole lot down to Monte Carlo and bung it bung it all on red.

      It’s a slightly flawed plan, but no worse than some we’ve had.


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