Another Short Post

Still no charger, so it’s another quick post. Hopefully the new charger will be here tomorrow. If not, I have made sure I know my password and will have to access WP from work.

Day off today. Went for drive to do a few errands. Beautiful day. Loads of lovely photo opportunities which I didn’t have time for.

This afternoon it went grey then gave way to hail, then snow, then wintry showers. So many words for frozen water. Inuit take note.

At that point my battery ran out. My foresight in writing down my passwords has proved useful and I am now continuing on Julia’s old netbook. It’s slow, the screen is small and I just spent five minutes trying to clear a random full stop which turned out to be a speck on the screen. However, I am grateful that it has a working charger.

I was caught out by the shower this afternoon so I’m feeling cold and miserable at the moment. I may have to take a remedial nap.

Hopefully I will have the charger tomorrow. Until then, I will probably be silent as it’s surprisingly difficult adapting to the technology of a netbook.



16 thoughts on “Another Short Post

  1. VunikaRose

    Oh no I would be so annoyed if I lost my charger but I’m sorry to say I burst out laughing when I read about the speck of dust! Haha! X

    1. quercuscommunity

      Thank you. Unfortunately, just as I warmed up and started to doze off I was woken up and forced to eat pasta which Number One Son had cooked for us. Oh, the irony of being tired, lazy and hungry…


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