Harlow Carr Garden

Harlow Carr is the Royal Horticultural Society Garden just outside Harrogate, a town which is home to Betty’s Tea Room and a Sainsbury’s supermarket that has a sushi bar. In Yorkshire the only dead fish you normally see has been fried in batter.

Just a few photos for now.


Well, maybe a few more…

There will be more when I have time, plus two more scone reports.


33 thoughts on “Harlow Carr Garden

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  3. Helen

    It’s a couple or years or so since I last went to Harlow Carr. Nice therefore to see your photos. The statue of the worm (?) made me smile.

  4. Clare Pooley

    Very nice photos – I like the caterpillar! Betty’s cakes might be a little over-rated. A cousin of mine sends my mother Betty’s mince pies every Christmas; okay but nothing special.


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