A Rare Visit to Arnot Hill Park

I’ve tried several posts today but none of them worked for me. The day started badly when all the driers in the laundrette were taken by a couple of women who brought their wet washing from home. This forced me into being rude to someone who turned up with more washing from home.  He asked me to move because I was sitting in front of the only available dryer.

I refused, pointing out that I had three machines full of washing coming out in the next five minutes. I’m not sure what the correct etiquette for this sort of thing, but I can get very irritable when people bring their wet washing from home and fill the dryers.

This follows on from some thoughts I have been having recently about an error I made in bringing my kids up. I always taught them to consider others. The only problem is that other people don’t always consider them, which tends to make good manners a bit of a problem. The nicer you are, the more you lose out.

After a long drawn out drying session, using one dryer for the contents of three machines, I decided to go to Arnot Hill park. You can rely on ducks, and I haven’t done much walking recently.

A selection of ducks, followed by some photographs of Black Headed Gulls. They are only just getting their black heads back. Well, brown heads. They are badly mis-named.

And finally, a picture of a Japanese Quince. It looked better in real life than it does in the picture.


Japanese Quince – Arnot Hill Park, Arnold

20 thoughts on “A Rare Visit to Arnot Hill Park

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  2. higgledypiggledymom

    Why is it that only hot air blows and the things tumble and nothing really gets dry, only hot and you’ve put a small fortune of coins in? Sheesh.
    On the other hand with no coins, the photo of the Japanese Quince is fabulous!!

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  3. Clare Pooley

    You are quite right about being nice to people and losing out, though of course being able to be nice amidst all those badly behaved and selfish people is reward enough I am told! Launderette etiquette? What launderette etiquette?
    Beautiful calming photographs. Nice to see the red-crested pochard.

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