Pre-emptive Post

It’s going to be a busy day today so I’m writing a post in the morning to make sure that I get one done today. It’s not quite my Dad’s 90th birthday but we’re having a party today and another one on Saturday. That way we maximise the number of guests without causing any over-excitement. With the average age of the guests, you don’t want anyone getting over-excited. Or having too much sugar.

I won’t be able to go on Saturday but Julia will be going, as will both kids (work permitting).

Snow is forecast, which is worrying my sister as she doesn’t want me driving in dangerous conditions. We don’t handle snow well in general in the UK, but I’ve covered that before. We have an inch or two a year and the country grinds to a halt. We are always caught unprepared and by surprise. Those of you blogging from America, with your eight inches in one day and your own mini snow ploughs, don’t know how lucky you are.

If I win the lottery I’m going to spend the winters somewhere that doesn’t have snow. I’m tempted to spend it somewhere that doesn’t have Christmas either.

Health news is good.

Monday’s blood sample met with approval and my next appointment is now three weeks away. Three whole weeks!

My arthritis has subsided.

Even my face is feeling quite good, though the remaining stitches show no sign of dissolving. This is slightly worrying as I once had stitches that healed into my eyelid. They took some getting out. I’m hoping to avoid a replay of that one.


Pills. These are bigger and brighter and more photogenic than my normal ones.

I’m off in a minute to collect the balance of my prescriptions. They managed to give me three out of the four items last week and the doctors’ receptionist told me that was because I’d only ordered three.

This clearly isn’t true, but I smiled weakly to indicate that I believed her as there’s no benefit in winning the argument and no point in annoying people by proving them wrong.

I think I’m finally becoming wise…



21 thoughts on “Pre-emptive Post

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Congratulations and happy birthday to your father, Quercus! And I am glad your health report is better, too! If you live as long as your father, you will written a lot of good poetry. πŸ™‚

  2. tootlepedal

    Excellent looking pills. They are bound to do you good. I am sorry that things are going so well on the health front as this reduces your capacity to get better.

  3. Donnalee

    I know I’ve missed a few posts, but stitches in the face sounds bad. I hope it works well and easily.

    Have you run into season tickets in the form of medals for Vauxhall Gardens…? I just saw a photo of one and it is intriguing.

    Also, I suggest making it easy for us to follow links to your listed items so that maybe we can buy them or at least see them in more detail. I know this isn’t a business blog, but many a time I’ve had some interest in an item, not been able to click through, and simply forgotten–

      1. Donnalee

        Thanks. Funny how Vauxhall was so open to anyone who could afford the ticket and yet had nice medals, whereas Almack’s had those paper things as far as I know–maybe it was an exclusiveness that does not come with something a modern person would put on a keyring–

      2. Donnalee

        Those are great. Why is there such a range in the value of the materials, viz why some silver and some cheaper: simply due to the intended purchaser’s finances?

  4. Laurie Graves

    Happy, happy birthday to your father! As for those of us who think eight inches of snow is a standard storm…we still respect slippery roads, no matter how much snow we have. Two inches can make for very slick roads, so drive carefully and with a light foot. We were always told to visualize having an egg under the gas pedal and the brake. Sounds silly, I know.


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