Sausage Roll Review and Thoughts on Being a Vegan

On Sunday, Number Two Son emerged from work clutching sausage rolls from Gregg’s. It wasn’t quite the way I’m trying to live my life, but who’s going to look a free sausage roll in the mouth? Or is that a gift horse? I often get the two mixed up. Anyway, my new lifestyle is only a couple of weeks old and you can’t overturn sixty years of dietary abuse just like that.

It was, in the manner of these things, a bit greasy and the meat lacked a bit of texture, but I do like a sausage roll and managed every last crumb without really stretching my capability for absorbing junk food. I’ve had worse.

It turns out they were Gregg’s new vegan sausage rolls.

I hadn’t a clue, and would be happy to give them full marks for snack food.

I now have a list ofย “accidental” vegan snacks, though I’m not sure that I really want to start eating loads of biscuits and crisps just to save a few animals. If animals don’t want to be eaten, they shouldn’t taste so good.


Potato & Chickpea Curry

It’s strange to think, though, that in certain respects I’ve been vegan all my life.

Pot Noodles, crisps, Mr Kipling, ginger nuts…

Who’d have thought they could all be vegan.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not going to become a vegan, but I am making changes to my diet, and if I happen to be in Greggs I may well have a vegan sausage roll.


24 thoughts on “Sausage Roll Review and Thoughts on Being a Vegan

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  3. Donnalee

    I’ve been vegetarian for decades, and in the beginning had no real clue about nutrition. I lived on mostly mac and cheese for a decade maybe, stayed rather fat and not-well-nutritioned (bad term there, but not quite appropriate to use ‘malnourished’) and then finally figured out the importance of protein to satisfaction and health. To be fair, we all ate meat growing up, and I was never taught good nutrition then either, and the last dinosaur had barely died off. These days they make both good and bad vegan or vegetarian or other foods, high in sugar and fats and chemicals and crap. I stick with organic vegetarian stuff, stay away from much of the pre-made greasy offerings, and it works out. Good vegan grease can be tasty sometimes, but I read a depressing study they did where they subjected college-aged people to high-fat drinks, a sort of milkshake with cream, and it altered their health so badly for full days that they refused to continue the study–it messed with hearts and all kinds of crucial things for days at a time after a single high-fat drink. Obviously it wouldn’t happen to me or you, just to young healthy people–

    1. quercuscommunity

      Those dinosaurs were very tasty. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m gradually becoming more vegetarian but I’m trying to do it by reducing meat and introducing some meatless meals cooked from fresh ingredients. Small steps.

      1. Donnalee

        I figure whatever works is good. I have told you of the stockpiles of tasty snacks by my bed for night time reading, and that I introduced raw organic carrots and now clementine tangerines. I figure it dilutes the sheer volume of the chocolate and pretzels and little flax seeds, and my face is happy with whatever I give it.

  4. Laurie Graves

    Nice! For various reasons, Clif and I eat a mostly plant-based diet. However, we do eat eggs and dairy, so we are not vegan. Also, once in a while, we allow ourselves to have fried chicken or seafood. When we are invited out, we eat whatever is served. After all, I was raised to be a good eater. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. arlingwoman

    Be careful to read the nutrition labels. Sometimes the vegan option has more fat than a few slices of pork tenderloin. And since you aren’t going totally vegan, really beware that chicken and turkey sausage as they can add a lot of fat to it. Just look at the labels. Have to say though, as a vegetarian for nearly 30 years (I went off the wagon in 2007) there are a lot of nice vegetarian snacks now that did not exist until the 90’s. Some of it’s awful, but some of it is quite good and can be used to lower fat/calories/cholesterol and other stuff to improve those blood test numbers!


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