And so it starts…

We’re both off work now and Julia has gone shopping for the bits she forgot to tell me to add to the list yesterday.

Good luck to any of my readers in a similar position – I had to try two supermarkets yesterday before I could find a parking space. Hopefully it will be quieter today, though there may not be any food left.

Happy Christmas – I’ve been a bit erratic with my Christmas Greetings, so will put it here so nobody is left out.

Now, fuelled by porridge, I am off to get her engagement ring from the jewellers. She insists on wearing it for work and finally managed to lose a diamond.  A new diamond and re-tipping all the claws is coming in at £150, which is nearly as much as the ring cost originally.

It wasn’t an overly expensive ring, as my mother told me several times But as I said, expensive rings are for love-struck teenagers and millionaires. I’m a practical man, and got her to pay half, so it was quite economical. Now that we’ve been married for thirty years hindsight indicates I could have spent more, but you never know at the time…

Went for a blood test this morning, was second in the queue and, when I tried to get out of the car park, used the wrong ticket. The one for the car park was in my shirt pocket but the one I tried to use was on the passenger seat and turned out to be ineffective. Oh, how I laughed after three abortive attempts to leave the car park.

New Year Resolution – clean the car out!


Edit: when I said “short” pocket I meant “shirt” pocket. I don’t wear shorts, particularly in winter.


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