A Slow Day

It’s harder than you think, working without the internet. We knew we wouldn’t be working on eBay, taking card payments or using the phone. We hadn’t realised just how many times a day we needed it to look things up, research prices or simply to settle arguments.

Instead of sitting in front of a screen enjoying myself I had to sort pennies, looking for 1895s to make up the sets. They had the lowest mintage of the Old Head pennies by a long way and are always a pain to find.

I also cleared my desk, sorted my stationery supplies and ranked my pencils in order of length. In other words, apart from seven parcels in the morning, and a few customers, we were rather underworked.

Fortunately the engineers are coming out on Monday to fix it. Fingers crossed!

Now I’m going to relax and slide gently into Christmas…

11 thoughts on “A Slow Day

    1. quercuscommunity

      I hadn’t thought that far ahead, I just want to get through to Friday so I can get back into the shop. However, now you mention it, it seems a distinct possibility. Thank you for that, I feel more relaxed now. I hope yours will be relaxing too.


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