Lost for Words

As usual I have so much to say that I’m running out of brain to process it all.

It rained this morning. It was heavy, it was windy and, apart from the temperature looked very much like a gusting tropical storm. And it was dark – more like evening than morning.

I had coffee in the garden with Julia in a cold metal container with no lighting and took several photographs. They have removed the bicycle and put up a Christmas Tree.

This is Julia’s work. Cold, wet and dark.

After that I went to work, packed some parcels, added some more items to the eBay shop and went home. There was slightly more to it than that, but nothing that I haven’t said before.

This is what my work involves – it’s warmer and drier but I can feel my will to live ebbing away. It’s also what the Queen does for a living. I think she probably comes out of this better than me and Julia.

31 thoughts on “Lost for Words

      1. derrickjknight

        I once closed my Social Services office because there was no heating and the rooms were below the minimum temperature required. This, as you may imagine, was after battling for two years to have it installed. My action didn’t go down two well with Shirley Porter (the disgraced leader of the Council)

  1. arlingwoman

    Darkness can sap you, that’s for sure; as can a cold rain. I hope things look up, at least weather-wise, soon. We’re supposed to have a storm to the south this weekend, but it’s been cold and sunny, which helps a lot!

    1. quercuscommunity

      Thank you. The bins are part of the scheme to make the garden welcoming. They have other, less decorative, bins behind the polytunnels.

      I’m sure the Queen has a fund of interesting stories about living with a bad-tempered old man with poor social skills. Julia certainly does. πŸ™‚


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