Homespun Philosophy, or Hopeless Drivel

I started off with the intention of writing about police inefficiency, motorway roadworks, the cupidity of insurance companies and the general unfairness of life. Then I realised that life doesn’t care. Nor do the police, the Highways Agency or the insurance industry.

Commercially speaking, monopolies are bad, and the police, for instance, have no incentive to improve. Unlike the power industry I cannot opt to have Justice provided by Nottinghamshire Constabulary if I don’t find West Yorkshire Police to my liking. Having said that, it’s rather like having a choice between eczema and psoriasis, though without the spelling problems.

Same goes for the Highways Agency, if you don’t like the way they set out their roadworks you can’t use someone else who sets it up better. That’s why they are able to get away with shoddy signing and everlasting roadworks.

As for insurance companies, they have their uses, as do leeches, faecal coliforms and corporate accountants. It probably isn’t fair to criticise them too much, though anyone who can increase your insurance premium byΒ  15% for no apparant reason then add another Β£50 because of a speeding offence probably deserves some stick. When they follow up by asking “are you happy with that?”Β they virtually guarantee that they are not going to do well in comparison to other unpleasant life forms.

That’s all for now.

After a cold day in the shop and a cold evening at home sorting insurance documents I am now going out for a cold drive through badly laid out roadworks to deliver Number Two Son to work.

You are very lucky this is only a minor rant with low-level negativity and minor misery. It could have been a lot worse, particularly as, six days after going to the dentist, I also have a raging toothache.

Time, I think, to grip life by something tender and give it a good twist. That will teach it not to mess with me.

The stamps are a homage to a well-known blogger – can you guess which one?

16 thoughts on “Homespun Philosophy, or Hopeless Drivel

  1. Andrew Petcher

    I had my car insurance renewal letter this week. It had increased 12.75% from Β£187.88 to Β£212.16. I telephoned to say no thanks and in just a couple of key strokes it was amended to increase of just .5% (.90p). The nice lady that I was talking to could offer no credible reason for this. I renewed.

    I read that the police want the public to help if they are having trouble making a difficult arrest. No way am I going to risk getting punched or stabbed. That’s what I pay them to do.

  2. tootlepedal

    Ooooh, I love a low level rant. If I am looking for the iron, I will know where to find it as it has obviously entered your soul. May I say that I think that your selection of stamps is absolutely wonderful. Whoever it is dedicated to is a lucky person indeed. I hope that he is grateful. I am sure that he is.


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