A Quick Post

I passed my blood anti-coagulant blood test, and as a reward I don’t need to go back until 11th December. If it all goes well my next test will be either 25th December or 1st January. I may have to rethink this.

On the other hand, I had a text from the surgery telling me that my doctor wants to see me for a face to face consultation and that I must ring to arrange it. This seems an odd way to offer congratulations so I’m expecting a lecture on my health. More precisely, I’m expecting a lecture on my cavalier attitude to my health.

We filled today, when not being texted, with a visit to Springfields in Lincolnshire, followed by a visit to my father, who trounced me at Snakes and Ladders before defeating me at several games of dominoes. He may not know what day it is, and he can’t remember my name, but he’s still got his competitive edge.

My sister complains that I have it too. She says it as if it’s a bad thing.


10 thoughts on “A Quick Post

  1. Andrew Petcher

    I used to live near Springfields. Moulton-Seas-End, about two miles away. Used to get my work suits at M&S. I don’t live there now and I don’t go to work so I don’t go to Springfields any more.

    Good news about the blood test! I hate those health lectures, often by people who clearly don’t take their own advice!

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    1. quercuscommunity Post author

      Yes, the number of times I’ve been lectured on my weight by people clearly, as you say, don’t take their own advice.

      I’m always intrigued by the Moulton Seas End sign when I see it.



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