Fallen at the 26th Hurdle

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

Twenty six days into my hundred day blogging challenge and I fell asleep in front of the TV. That’s not unsual. Unfortunately Julia had gone to bed after a hard day in the Mencap Garden and I slept, undisturbed for several hours.

That took me through until the early hours on Saturday morning, missing my midnight deadline.

Ah well, it’s annoying but it’s a target rather than a deadline. Nothing bad will happen as a result of missing it and I will just potter on. The new target is to do 100 posts in 100 non-consecutive days. I’m on 32 posts in 25 days so far.

The challenge was about self-discipline and regularity and 25 consecutive days isn’t bad compared to the erratic posting I was managing.  It may be a failure in terms of falling short of the target by 75 days, but it shows what can be done and, like all failures, is best seen as a foundation for future success.

This is a huge subject. I’ve seen adults paralysed by the idea of failure. I’m sure it prevents many people being happy and successful. All I do is smile sweetly, apologise and move on to Plan B.

As I may have said, the challenge doesn’t help with the quality of writing. It may help fluency and speed but I’m not sure it helps anything else. I really want to be a writer of posts on important, serious and thought-provoking issues. Instead I’m not sure what I really am, though current possibilities for subjects include waking up with a nosebleed, the poetry of Les Barker and curry for breakfast.

Which reminds me, I’m peckish and there’s a large pot of curry on the stove top.

Time to move on and read a very fine comic poem.

12 thoughts on “Fallen at the 26th Hurdle

  1. tootlepedal

    In the good old days WordPress ran solely on US time and I could post after midnight and still have it register as the day before. Now, it seems to know that I am in Scotland and cuts me off if I fail to beat the witching hour.

    My selfish advice to you would be to keep posting your random and varied thoughts and forget about deep thinking and important subjects. This is because I really enjoy the variety of your work, the spontaneous quality of your writing and the many and varied rants that brighten up my day enormously.

    Original thinkers are hard to find, serious people are ten a penny.

  2. derrickjknight

    Excellent photograph. Nice poem. How about taking the second para and dating it on the day you fell asleep but posting it on the same day as the rest? I have occasionally resorted to that


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