Dull Day, Declining…

The morning was grey and the journey to work was uneventful. There were just three parcels to pack, and I had them done before the others turned up. One modern silver coin, one 1990’s proof set and one modern medallion – hardly the stuff that gets my pulse racing.

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Then I started sorting brass threepenny bits from the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The oldest ones (1953) are only a few years older than I am and the newest (1967) are considerably younger. To make things worse, the dates aren’t very easy to read. We currently have 87 complete year sets and a sorting tray full of coins – apart from 1958. We’re short of them. When making up year sets there’s always at least one year that slows things down.

After that I had a few coins and medallions to list on eBay and that was that.

You know when you have a day that makes your heart sing and makes the whole world look brighter? This was the opposite.

Fortunately it means that tomorrow is likely to be an improvement.



10 thoughts on “Dull Day, Declining…

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    1. quercuscommunity

      That’s the trouble with all these new starts – they have a habit of tailing off. However, I’ll take 2018 in preference to 1918 or 1818.

      A thought just struck me – no bicycles in 1818. What a strange world.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Yes, they are a substantial coin. It seems they were made so thick to stop them being used instead of 6d and shillings in vending machines (which were not as sophisticated in those days.


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