It might have been a mistake to use a random subject generator…

I couldn’t decide what to write about today so I turned to an online random subject generator.

This is what it gave me:

What has made you angry recently?

Let me count the ways, as Shakespeare said.

Random subject generators would be a good start. I could have written that without prompting but I’m aiming for a pleasanter and more reflective me. I was hoping for something like puppies or rainbows.

If I want a prompt for an outpouring of bile I could do that myself.

British Telecom, idiotic enquiries on the phone, unseasonably warm weather when I’m dressed for autumn, people who can’t park properly, idiotic enquiries in person, coworkers taking my sellotape, American spellings, Christmas preparations in October, children with plastic harmonicas, the way I’ve wasted my life and people who say “I have a rare coin.”

Yes, I’ve been sitting in a shop sweating in unseasonable heat answering the phone and typing in opposition to an American-themed spell-checker.

Most stupid enquiry – “I have a coin from 1980, how much is it worth?”

Despite the BT troubles when we moved in and the (wrong) replacement router, the broadband seems to drop off when the phone rings. It doesn’t happen all the time, and seems to be related to the IQ of the caller.

I’ve covered the rest of the things in previous general rants, apart from the child with the plastic harmonica.

Don’t get me started…

It’s lucky they don’t let us carry pistols in the UK.




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