Sitting in the Garden

I spent a while sitting in the MENCAP GardeThere was a distinct nip in the air but it was still very pleasant. Julia provided the coffee and the Tunnocks teacakes. They aren’t really teacakes, they are chocolate coated confectionary with a marshmallow filling and a biscuit base. Somehow I managed to get over my concern about the accuracy of the name…

There’s plenty of colour in the garden at the moment, with fucsias and sedums doing well and the sumac trees changing colour.

It’s also time for the final picking of cape gooseberries – the crop with more names than it really needs.

Cape gooseberry, physalis, goldenberry, pichuberry, ground cherries and inca berries – take your pick.


Cape Gooseberries

We’ve had our first frost this weekend so it’s going to be medlar time in the garden this week.


Nottingham Medlars

We missed most of them them last year – either because of the birds or because of medlar rustlers.


17 thoughts on “Sitting in the Garden

    1. quercuscommunity

      Cape Gooseberries are good but have lots of tiny seeds. Julia ate medlars last year – she says they taste a bit like apple puree once they are ripe. Last year they disappered – either carried away by birds or a phantom picker. This year we’re hoping to do better.

      1. Laurie Graves

        It is going! We just sent for actual proof copies—in book form. I expect more editing will need to be done. Those rascally typos! For me, this process is more difficult than writing the book.

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