An Interest in Handicrafts

Things have been happening down in the garden – with preparations for various Autumn events.

The Day of the Dead Kitten is one example, as they get ready for Halloween. Halloween is a strange festival. When I was a child we used to hollow out turnips and swedes to use as lanterns and my grandparents used to talk about Mischief Night.

Now we carve Pumpkins and have the legalised extortion of Trick or Treat. And lots of plastic gimcrackery in the shops.

Another thng they have done is to make a perpetual calendar from the blocks they use to make pallets. This displays the date while Feathers McGraw from The Wrong Trousers looks on.


The pallet calendar


He was built by one of the volunteers as an entry in a scarecrow festival and has now been donated to the gardens. He’s in the polytunnel because he’s too good to be left outside.

To complete the autumn handicrafts Julia has been making poppy brooches from beads and safety pins.

Poppy Brooch - beads and safety pins

Poppy Brooch – beads and safety pins


I’ll try to take a better picture over the next few days.

13 thoughts on “An Interest in Handicrafts

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  3. jodierichelle

    Very nice crafts you have: I always love to see what people are making. The beads on the pins are a great idea. When I was a kid, mischief night was as standard as Halloween. We roamed the neighborhood on both nights. One year I got in big trouble because I went about the neighborhood writing on car windows with a bar of soap as per usual, but I stupidly was writing my name. Not too many Jodie’s in town.


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