Holiday Time

Julia was on holiday today, a fact which she celebrated by waking up at 5am just like it was a working day. After a brief lie in she carried on the holiday frivolities with an outbreak of cleaning before making breakfast.

The woman just doesn’t know how to relax.

She could profit, in this respect, from watching how I do it.

When breakfast appeared I decided to join her.

It wasn’t quite as simple as that. It never is. First I tied my feet together whilst stepping into my pants, then I noticed I’d put my vest on back to front. Two items of clothing, two problems. Even toddlers do better than that. The process of putting my trousers on, which has often been attended by a certain amount of peril went without trouble this morning so at least something went right.

After that I did the laundry and the shopping. Reference to other blog posts that list my Sunday activities will reveal that Julia isn’t the only one who hasn’t quite got the hang of holidays.

I also managed to write up most of our visit to Cleethorpes as I need to catch up on my writing about pier visits.  That just leaves Skegness. I say that, but as you may have guessed, the holiday is likely to encompass a few pier visits and I’m likely to end the week with more of a backlog than I started with.

The trouble with my ambition to elevate procrastination to an art form is that there will always be a list of jobs to do.

I may write a haiku about procrastination, as it seems a suitably zen subject.

With any luck I’ll get round to it tomorrow…


14 thoughts on “Holiday Time

  1. tootlepedal

    Things can only get worse in the dressing confusion department as time goes on. I speak from experience.

    Don;t have too much fun on your break. Your readers would find an outbreak of unadulterated happiness hard to get their minds round.

  2. Jodie Richeal

    Oh, and is vest an undershirt? I pictured you putting a vest on backwards with the opening in the back, and thought you were having an unusually bad time of things.

  3. Jodie Richeal

    The pants and trousers references, while funny, confuse me. Around here, they are the same thing except young people say “pants” and old people say “trousers.”

    1. quercuscommunity

      I thought it might not translate into American. 🙂 I could have used “underpants” but they sound so big and baggy and I have my image to think of. I thought vest might cause problems too…


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