A Bad Day, Getting Worse…

It’s been a bad day and it’s going to get worse, I can tell.

First of all, I arrived for my blood test at 7.03. I was seventh in the queue but, despite the phlebotomists allowing themselves to be diverted by a number of things, they managed to see to me by 7.20. That left me very close to the time allowed for free parking, but just a few frustrating minutes over.

I then went to McDonalds to eavesdrop and drink coffee. Er…and have a sausage and egg McMuffin. I have no willpower.

The phone call at lunchtime told me that I’d failed the test and need another one next week. Their first suggestion was that I should go to a hospital and be tested whilst on holiday. I said I thought this was unlikely to happen, particularly as Julia had not expressed much of an interest in touring NHS waiting rooms while we were away.

So they are going to test me on Friday and then leave me alone for a week. They are, it appears doing me a favour.

Things went well after that for the rest of the day, then I got home. I had a letter in a plain white envelope. I nearly binned it as junk mail as most people mark the envelope with at least a return address. Fortunately I opened it, and saved myself £30. It was from the council. In between cutting back on bin collections and social services and splurging money on consultants and office decoration they find time to fill the city with cameras and appoint themselves Guardians of the Bus Lanes.

It seems when I went to my last blood test I turned left out of city hospital and left again (yes, it’s the way to McDonalds). This took me into a bus lane. They aren’t always easy to spot. I use that road frequently when the bus lane isn’t in use, but hardly at all at that time in the morning. As a result I cost myself £30, but if I’d thrown the letter in the bin it would have cost me £60 for failing to pay.

I then went on the internet to book our holiday. I’d not quite managed it last night when the special offer link didn’t work. I’m supposed to be able to save 15% by using a link from Travelodge. What they don’t tell you is that there’s a time limit and a limited number of rooms.

When I got home tonight I had another email to tell me I could qualify for a 15% discount. So I clicked a link to a hotel they provided and…drum roll…found it didn’t work. It’s incompetent at best, but possibly also dishonest. And an idiotic waste of time.

Of course, the best bit is that when I left the hospital this morning I turned left, then left again…

…so I’m expecting another bus lane ticket last week.

I’m seriously thinking of just curling up in a ball and refusing to move. That way I can stay out of trouble. Although, when I think about it, it isn’t a strategy that works well for hedgehogs.

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16 thoughts on “A Bad Day, Getting Worse…

  1. ChasingSernity

    Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed – but there’s the rub, with the exception of politicians – perpetual dozing does not a living make. Here’s hoping your holiday works out. May there be mints on your pillows!

  2. derrickjknight

    A bummer of a day. Sometimes you make me feel how lucky I am that we live where we do – and, of course, I am familiar with Nottingham’s hospital nightmares. I hope you both enjoy your holiday.

  3. arlingwoman

    Aaaiiiieee! So this coagulation stuff, you can’t do anything about? I was going to ask whether McD’s might contribute to your “bad” test, but 1) that seems unlikely and 2) seems to me the Dr.s need to get the dosing right (or you need to take your meds as prescribed????). In any event, regular Dr. visits seem pretty unpleasant. I hope you have a nice holiday!!!

    1. quercuscommunity

      They have never been very good at calibrating the doses.

      I’m not always good at remembering to take the pills at the right time.

      They cut the dose last week and I took it exactly as instructed. The reading is exactly the same.

      Diet can affect the reading and I suspect there is an element of randomness in there too.

      A lot of it is just guesswork dressed up in a white coat.

      However, it’s nice of them to worry about me. 🙂

  4. Jodie Richeal

    I bet your blood tests would be perfect if you avoided the doctor, the travel hassles, and the McDonalds. Making like a hedgehog has its benefits.

  5. The Snail of Happiness

    I’m intrigued by the idea of ‘failing’ a blood test. I had one two weeks ago and the results have arrived but since the doctor actually needs to discuss them with me and he’s never there when I phone it looks like I am going to have to actually go and see him in person.
    As for the fine… that’s the universe telling you not to go to MacDonalds!!

    1. quercuscommunity

      My waistline tells me that! But I ignore it. I’m supposed to stay within a band relating to my coagulation. If I wander out of it they have a fit, recalibrate and punish me with weekly tests. If I’m good they allow me a month between tests – it wanders off and they put me back on weekly tests… sigh…


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