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Carrying on from the last post, BL5 is Bolton. It has a bit of history, including the Civil War massacre, a Chartist riot and a Zeppelin Raid (this, I believe, is the Zeppelin my grandmother saw as a girl). However, it’s the Devil’s Highway that gets my vote. It’s called this because it’s numbered the A666. It’s a dual carriageway linking the M60/M61 motorway to Blackburn, but the A666 sounds more interesting. I have used it, and can reveal that it wasn’t terribly diabolic. No fire, no brimstone and no seals.

Seals, you ask. Yes, according to my reading of the Bible there were seals involved, though I’m told they were probably of the wax variety, rather than cheery circus animals with balls balanced on their noses. My question regarding this, is whether the heat of hell would melt wax. If it would, then maybe my theory on circus animals could be correct, and the Book of Revelation becomes a very different thing.

If, of course, you subscribe to 616 being the Number of the Beast then this speculation becomes pointless. And the road between Newark and Huddersfield becomes a bit more sinister…

Additional Information: I’ve just been told that Bolton is famous for another reason – the Bolton Marathon. I know this because Derrick Knight tells me he ran it three times. The finish, it seems, is uphill and at the end of a thoroughfare known as Plodder Lane. (I checked – it does exist!)

My next set of postcodes are NE6, QLD 4209, NR29, M32, KT18, BR6 and ME8.

However, it’s time to eat now so that will have to wait for next time.

13 thoughts on “Postcodes (2)

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      1. derrickjknight

        An uncle lived there. Actually it was tough. The last six miles was up Plodder Lane, so named long before the marathon. You got to the end of it, did a right angled turn, and were confronted by an, albeit short, very steep rise, falling away to the finish

      2. quercuscommunity

        That does sound tough. A friend of mine once took an unexpectedly good placing in a fell run He was invited back the next year when he wasn’t in such good shape and was overtaken by several people on the final uphill stretch, including a woman pushing a pram. 🙂

  3. Laurie Graves

    Now, if you were inclined to write a murder mystery, something quite bad would happen on A666.

  4. arlingwoman

    Back in the eighties, a woman at work tried to convince me that Ronald Reagan was the beast come to earth as each of his names had 6 letters (middle name was Wilson). The current incumbent is much closer one would think, but alas, is short of letters…


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