Skies and Disappointments

Last night I took No2 son to work. It was just after 10pm and the sky was a fantastic shade of saffron. As usual, I didn’t have the camera with me, though it wouldn’t have helped much – all the best views were from roadworks and dual carriageways where I couldn’t have stopped anyway.

This morning, at around 4am, on the way to the bathroom, I noticed the sunrise was similarly colourful. This time I did have access to the camera and I didn’t need a parking place. I did, however, manage to ignore these advantages and went back to sleep. That’s why I’m using the pictures fron last Wednesday.

I’m not cut out for the hurly-burly of high-level blogging. I’ll leave that to Derrick Knight and Tootlepedal – they are like blogging machines. Me, I’m more of a dormouse.

After a hard half day sorting parcels and pennies I went for a cream tea with Julia. We’re thinking of blogging about cream teas.

I’ll show you the pictures later.

Have to go now- Julia says it’s time for me to cook.

Derrick and TP don’t have this problem…

20 thoughts on “Skies and Disappointments

      1. quercuscommunity

        We have been planning out next holiday. Bran Flakes for breakfast, cuppa soup and salad for the evening meal. In between we will be eating cream teas and fish and chips. 🙂

      2. Laurie Graves

        That’s the way to do it. More pictures of your cream teas, please. And the fish and chips, another of my favorites.

  1. derrickjknight

    I think I am grateful for the mention. Mind you, I, too have not had the energy to get out to the stunning late sunsets we are seeing. Anyway, your substitute pictures are good.


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