More Drama!

Here’s a trio of pictures of the aftermath of a car accident outside the shop.

Nobody was hurt and the other vehicle, a Land Rover didn’t show any sign of damage, though I’m sure it would have done if I’d been closer.

I’m obviously turning into a photojournalist. Or a magnet for disaster.

I’m not quite so hardened that I get up close, but I’m getting there.

Will write more later.

20 thoughts on “More Drama!

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  2. jfwknifton

    There’s a football chant for every occasion, including a taxi that rams into the vehicle in front of him:
    “Sacked in the mornin’. You’re gonna be sacked in the mornin’! Sacked in the moooooornin’.”
    Sung to the tune “Guatanamera” as a large percentage of football chants are!

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      1. Donnalee

        Every two weeks it’s something, full or dark. Every other two weeks are good for dreams etc. sometimes, so the odds are that something’ll go on any given handy day–

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