Catching Up (Again)

Now, where was I?

We made our way home via Norfolk and Lincolnshire on Sunday. It’s not the most riveting of routes but it had its moments including several deer sightings.

On Monday Julia rang British Telecom to see where the new broadband hub has got to. They have no record of our order, so she had to go through it all again. After previous experiences I’m not actually surprised by this. I’m checking how to make effective complaints to BT. In 8 weeks we’ll be going to the ombudsman if it isn’t sorted.

On Tuesday there were big hold-ups on the Ring Road after an excavator on a low-loader hit a bridge parapet. I drove past not long after it happened. Fortunately it wasn’t on my carriageway.

On Wednesday we went to Springfields and, amongst other things, sat by the pond and watched the ducks, fountains and wagtails against a background of yellow flags. Life doesn’t get much better…

That brings us up to date.

Three of the family have had a busy day.

Number Two son had a job interview yesterday. He had a phone call today and has been invited back for another interview, so things are looking good.

Number One son is in Bulgaria on business. Seems unlikely to me, but what do I know?

Julia went to the Wild Flower Farm with her group. She reports that the third brood of tits has now left the nest box and the garden now seems rather quiet.

It was not the most dynamic of days for me at work, and on the way home I managed to get served by a stroppy teenager at Sainsbury’s. As customer service goes it was worse than BT. Once home I watched Pointless, put the bins out and watched Springwatch. That’s probably too much TV.

Tomorrow may well be a day of frantic activity.

Then again, it may not.

This is Golden Chamomile growing on Malta.


15 thoughts on “Catching Up (Again)

  1. Laurie Graves

    As we would say in Maine, such goings on! Good luck to your son. A second interview is always a very good sign.

      1. Andrew Petcher

        Next time you go spare an hour to go to the sea wall at Holbeach St Marks there are some great walks out there and you can collect wild samphire!

  2. Lavinia Ross

    That is a very beautiful rose photo, Quercus!

    The ducks, fountains and wagtails against a background of yellow flags sound like a wonderful outing.

    I am sorry BT is giving you and Julia a hard time. Businesses having pared down so lean that they can no longer adequately serve customers seems to be a sign of the times.

  3. Donnalee

    Nice flowers, dim lorry driver (my dad was one), and that nature can get a bit scary–I was very upset that a red fox jumped in and grabbed one of our squirrels the other day right on our patio. I pretend it got away once out of sight. I hate the stress of it sometimes and wish that it suited me–I mean that I wish it would be like a no-stress world with no harm to animals or other beings, even people.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I remember when I was around five and one of my favourite TV characters was killed – I decided he must have gone to a big house where people called Stewart went when they got shot. Don’t remember which programme but I remember his name and the difficulty of coping with death. Your squirrel anecdote brought it all back…


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