I’ve run out of Ham!

Fortunately my reserve of cheese has been able to make up the deficiency. The good thing about cheese, apart from the fact that it tastes good, is that it’s virtually interchangeable with ham. You can use tomato relish and Branston pickle on it, and if you make Welsh Rarebit you can even pair it with mustard. They can both go in omlettes, on pizza and, if you really must, in salad.

If I ever have to make a choice I may have to go for cheese, as it can go in Welsh Rarebit, as previously mentioned, and cheese on toast.

Talking of Welsh Rarebit, which makes cheese on toast into a meal instead of a snack, I was surprised to see how complicated it can be. I whisk a drop of milk into some grated cheese whilst heating gently, add the mustard and it’s ready. Sometimes I add Worcestershire Sauce and black pepper. Sometimes I don’t.Β  No beer, no flour, no fat, no roux.

In the Cold Dark Ground (Logan McRae, Book 10) by [MacBride, Stuart]

The tie I have saved by not shopping for more ham was spent reading an excellent crime novel – InΒ the Cold Dark Ground by Stuart MacBride. It’s the 10th book in the series, and I’ve missed a few out, so I had a bit of catching up to do. That’s the trouble you have if you hate paying more than 99 pence for a Kindle book.

It’s Tartan Noir, with lots of Scots and violence plus dark humour, exhuberance, convolution, complication dialect and a pig farm.

Sometimes it’s a bit over the top, and sometimes a bit irritating, but generally it’s a great book in a great series. When I get caught up with my reading pile I might buy a few more in the series. I’d go so far as to say if I could only take one crime series to a desert island it would be this one.

Thanks to Amazon for the picture again.

17 thoughts on “I’ve run out of Ham!

  1. Clare Pooley

    I’ve never had Welsh Rarebit but I’ve had quite a lot of cheese on toast in my time. I am not supposed to eat cooked cheese these days which makes life a bit boring.

  2. Donnalee

    Hmm, I used to read every mystery I could, from the earliest to just past WWII, and then I ran out of steam. Some of the modern ones are a bit harsh for me.

    Good thing you enjoy cheese. The local shop had a sale of prepackaged half-pounds, several dollars off per package, and I bought a ton but have hardly had any yet. That the thing with perishables: it’s either too much or too little, and hard to get the Just Right sometimes. Ah, Branston pickle–I do enjoy that with cheese. Maybe I’ll have one now!

  3. jodierichelle

    Wow – I got lost in that Welsh Rarebit article. SO interesting! I thought it was a fancy name for “cheese melted on bread”, but this is a whole new take on it. I might have to get in there and give this a shot. (Interesting about the “rabbit” – I had always wondered if it had started as “Welsh Rabbit”, and this writer seems to think it did.)


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