The big news of the day is that I completed my poetry challenge, with 200 written in a fortnight. Very few of them are any good, but it was meant as a writing exercise rather than anything else so that doesn’t really matter. It seems to have worked, though there were days that it seemed to be working as aversion therapy rather than a writing exercise.

It’s only 14 a day when you work it out and if you stick to haiku that’s only 42 lines. it hardly seems like much of a challenge does it?

Or so I thought…

I then went to Sheffield to pick up Number Two Son.

That took more time than I thought, and gave me a few photo opportunities.


8 thoughts on “Trivialities

    1. quercuscommunity

      They set off this morning while I was at work – I’m now watching antiques programmes on TV and eating ham sandwiches. Later I will watch wall-to-wall quizzes (which is not generally allowed when Julia is home). After that I will probably eat more ham sandwiches. This is the sort of things that mice do while the cat is away.


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