Struggle? Don’t make me laugh…

I had to laugh yesterday. On the TV News someone referred to the struggles of Prince Charles bringing up Princes William and Harry as “a single parent”.

Normally I think of a single parent as being someone bringing up kids on their own, usually with limited resources and often unemployed. Prince Charles certainly qualifies from that angle, as he hasn’t held down a proper job since he left the Navy in 1977.

However, the normal single parent doesn’t have a 9 bedroomed stately home, a nanny or a butler, so I think he may find it difficult to convince me of his “struggle”.

Apart from that, I’ve mainly being ignoring the Royal Wedding…

29 thoughts on “Struggle? Don’t make me laugh…

  1. Lavinia Ross

    We’re all points on a number line reaching to infinity both directions. Who is struggling and who is not depends on where we sit on that line. πŸ™‚

  2. Donnalee

    Poor little tykes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am trying to find a way to make the ! and ? giant-sized but will spare you. What kind of crazy person comes up with that line about Charles as a single parent…? I think I already gave you my rant about how smart it is for them to be marrying what in Regency times would have been called ‘cits’, so that people don’t fight against the monarchy so much, since it is a lottery that sometimes an outsider can win–see, it happened twice in the past decade or so.

    1. quercuscommunity

      They are making great strides in PR and popularity after hitting a low point when Diana dragged them into the gutter. I don’t mind them but I don’t want their bloody weddings ramming down my throat. πŸ™‚

      1. Donnalee

        I’m not a tv watcher, so I escaped. Did they put it on every station over there? When I lived there, there were only the four stations, and only one ran overnight.

      2. Donnalee

        I am stuck on the concept of ‘meringue buttercream’, since i thought those the antithesis of each other. In my world, meringue is whipped stiff eggwhites with some sugar and maybe other ingredients, so the main characteristics are ‘stiff’ and ‘sweet’ and even ‘melts in water or in your mouth’, and buttercream is primarily cream whipped so that the main characteristic is to be like buttercream really, soft and not excessively sweet. Dunno about the term ‘meringue buttercream’, but it sounds to me like something I would not want. I’m a buttercream man myself–the elderflower and lemon sounds fine. And they are silly if they think that elder only grows in England–

      3. Donnalee

        It seemed like it should be either/or, and in my world I say YES to buttercream and NO to meringue, so it derailed my cake fantasy. Oh well–

  3. Helen

    I think most single parents are employed and money is only partly the challenge. By no stretch of the imagination am I a royalist and certainly Prince Charles will have support that most single parents can only dream of. Nonetheless, I am sure dealing with the emotional challenges of two grieving teenage boys must have been hard. Love after all is love, no matter who you are.

  4. higgledypiggledymom

    I enjoyed it…unconventional in several places and quite nice in this time of dreary weather (us) and war/agression. Just celebrating new modern future for the world. Good to see.

    1. higgledypiggledymom

      Oh, yeah, single parent thing? HA HA HA…It took the village of the world watching and in my thinking…why the world embraced the two boys and watch as THEY have grown. Boo hoo Prince Charles? (eye rolling)

  5. jfwknifton

    I have never understood why people are fooled over and over again. Mind you, you might as well watch the Royal Wedding because you’ve paid for it.


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