Evening and Annoyance

It’s not been a productive evening.

I  bought two lots on eBay last night and both transactions have turned complicated. One is my fault because I forgot to press a button and sent my home address instead of the shop address. I tried to alter this by email later but the vendor had already organised the post and sent it amazingly quickly. He has now apologised three times for what is actually not his fault, as I keep trying to tell him.

The other is having problems with the address too. Despite me confirming the address he still says he is confused. I think that’s because the system allows me to use a delivery address but shows my home address too. He either cannot handle ambiguity of thinks I’m embarking on a major fraud for £46. I’m not sure which. All I know is that I’ve had to write to him twice tonight (so far) trying to sort it out.

It’s not easy writing polite emails as there’s always the possibility of causing accidental offence, even without the added problem of being irritated, having connection problems and wanting to plan tomorrow’s trip.

Then I wiped off an entire answer by accident and had to do it again.

And I had to double check some auction bids I sent in haste this morning. I bid too much for something but I’ll let it stand as I hate cancelling bids and messing people about.

Number Two son did his final exam this morning. The landlord had chosen this day to decorate the room and wouldn’t delay to allow for a more relaxing lead up to the exam. When he returned in the afternoon they had also replaced his bed. They had, however failed to empty the storage drawer in the old one and had taken all his shoes away.


Julia is trying to watch The Woman in White on BBC i-player but it’s not going well. We appear to lack bandwidth, despite paying an arm and a leg to BT every month. She couldn’t watch it last night as we went out for curry.

I have to cook tea now.

I suppose I’ll probably burn it.

Tomorrow we are going to Bempton Cliffs to see Puffins. Looking at what happened last year I’m worried we might not see many. Fingers crossed.

And, as I try to find Puffin photos the system has seized up again. I really must write to WordPress. For Puffin photos you will need to use the last link.

The featured image is just plucked from stock at random. I wanted something calming with blue sky a fresh green trees.

26 thoughts on “Evening and Annoyance

  1. beatingthebounds

    Our Bt broadband is also often dreadful. It gets better when we complain. For a while. Anyway, we are trying another provider. Will let you know how that goes, it is at least a lot cheaper.

  2. Laurie Graves

    Goodness! Hope those puffins make things a little better. Did your son get his shoes back?

      1. Laurie Graves

        Oh, dear! Hope your son doesn’t get them. I have had them and it is no fun at all. Fortunately, I was young and they were soon gone. But son of a biscuit!

  3. jfwknifton

    If you are writing a long answer for the computer, try writing it in Word and then copying it in. That way you don’t lose it. Emails can cause accidental offence. I think it’s because people can’t see your face or hand gestures when they read the message like they could in real life.

  4. Helen

    I’m sorry to hear about your son’s lost shoes. Such ignorance on the part of landlords. I’m out of touch with who you can speak to in these sorts of situations but it seems a certain law has been breached – ie that oft-overlooked thing called ‘notice’.

      1. Helen

        Yes, it was the bed I was wondering about re notice. Your son could probably take him to the small claims court for compensation, if he was so inclined. It could even be classed as theft.

        In any case, I’m so glad I’m now buying my own home. Fortunately, I was already waiting to move in here when my landlord or one of his workers clambered all over my bed with shoes on and left bits of plaster all over it. It left me feeling quite violated, especially with it being such a private space.

  5. The Belmont Rooster

    I am glad I don’t have to deal with many people without common sense. Maybe it’s a good thing I stay home and only have to deal with the cows. The chickens are no problem because they are always in their house. Even you don’t have to go out… Your landlord comes to you. Hopefully, your trip will go well.


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