Butterflies, Curries and Clerihews

We went to Derbyshire today. Despite  being a Bank Holiday it wasn’t crowded and we managed to buy Julia the shoes she needed for the Maltese trip. We also bought some books and ice-cream.

We saw half a dozen Orange Tips and a pair of Brimstones. It really is looking like a good year for both species – I don’t remember seeing as many as this before.

On our return home we scurried round, changed and went for a birthday curry with my fellow shop workers and a few customers. It was a good night, and unlike last time, I was on time (just!), parked across the road and didn’t get rained on.

Yes, for those of you who may be wondering, I am now 60. That’s the “three score years” done with – just the next ten to worry about now.

I’m now going to write some poetry as part of my 200 poems in a fortnight challenge. Don’t worry, I won’t be subjecting you to my efforts, unless I write more limericks or clerihews. I seem to remember I was supposed to be writing more clerihews.

23 thoughts on “Butterflies, Curries and Clerihews

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  3. tootlepedal

    You are getting nearer to the time when all the famous people who get into the press for being dead will be younger than you. It is not necessarily a good feeling.

  4. Laurie Graves

    A very happy birthday to you! I knew this milestone birthday was coming soon, but I wasn’t sure when. As your elder, I am happy to inform you that 60 has been a very productive and creative year. Onward, ho!

      1. Laurie Graves

        I have found certain aspects of aging to be quite liberating.

  5. jfwknifton

    Good luck with the poetry. I can’t find a rhyme for ‘Arnold’ or ‘Nottingham’ unless you do a poem about Mottingham which is in Greater London, I think.


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