New Day, Old Photos

After being side-tracked by ebay I finally got round to adding the photos to yesterday’s post. Then I had the problem of letting people know that there were now photos on the post, as they are unlikely just go back on the off chance.

I was going to add them on this post and refer people back to the post.Β  Unfortunately I forgot. As a result I’m writing this post to refer people back (in case they want to look at photos of disappointing snow and a woman fighting a bird feeder). So that people don’t feel I’m wasting their time I’m going to add a selection of photographs.

The featured image is the poppies made from plastic bottles. They are still going strong, despite four months in miserable weather.


Garden Gnome at Wilford, Notts

I thought the garden gnome was reasonably topical.

This memory problem isn’t an isolated one, I also forgot what my plans for tea were. Having agreed with Julia that I would make Welsh Rarebit, as we still weren’t hungry after our large breakfast, I went through to the kitchen, where the smell of cooking reminded me I’d put potatoes in to bake ready for…er…

I couldn’t actually remember what I’d been planning. Fortunately, baked potatoes and Welsh Rarebit seem to go together quite well, and with the addition of the remains of the gammon from last week passed for a meal. Don’t worry, we also had fruit to make it a bit more nutritious.


Puffin at Bempton Cliffs

I threw in a Puffin photo because everyone like Puffins.

Tomorrow I’ll be throwing some vegetables into Monday’s stew so we will be a bit healthier. I’m planning on a few lentils too. It should be virtuous, even if it isn’t good.

It’s quinoa salad tomorrow too. If it’s true what they say about grains and salad and vegetables I’m going to be positively bouncing with energy tomorrow and stacked to the earlobes with vitamins.


14 thoughts on “New Day, Old Photos

  1. beatingthebounds

    I know that sometimes people feel reassured that other people have the same failures of memory, but I can’t see where the comfort is in that to be honest. At least you discovered the potatoes: I recently completely cremated some parsnips, the resulting parsnip charcoal (parcoal, charnips? I know that you like a neologism) wasn’t even any use as a fuel.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Charnips – parsnips with cunningly cremated corners – would be good if edible. Parcoal – one step beyond – ideal for winter BBQ. Yes, I like both of those. You are obviously in good form with your vocabulary, even if your memory isn’t all it could be. πŸ™‚

  2. Laurie Graves

    Those poppies are so bright! And resilient.πŸ˜‰ The puffin picture is a beauty. Love your approach towards cooking. It’s a bit like mine.


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