Did I Mention the Snow?

It snowed overnight. The temperature was minus 3.5 and the roads were tricky because with many people staying at home there weren’t enough cars to clear the slush.

Number Two son rang to check that his elderly parents were OK. I’m not sure if I’m pleased he’s worried about us, or whether I’m annoyed about becoming old.

Fortunately things were better by the time I went home, and the journey was quicker than usual due to the lack of cars. Nothing is ever completely bad. It got worse when I arrived at Sainsbury’s as the car park was not cleared and several cars appeared to have been abandoned rather than parked. Two of the “abandoned” cars were put there while I was inside, so it was purely bad driving – one of them being parked lengthwise across three disabled spaces.

Often it isn’t the weather, it’s idiots in cars that cause the problem. Can’t say too much after yesterday’s exploit, but the less cars we have on the road the fewer problems we will have. Unfortunately that also means we have more slush and, consequently, more problems. It’s a tricky balance.

It was still below zero when I arrived home and I expect that the side roads will be icily unpleasant again in the morning.

I think that’s enough about snow for now.

We seem to be going quite fast in the clip below, but I promise you we weren’t.


18 thoughts on “Did I Mention the Snow?

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  2. GP Cox

    My plants are confused. You are having unusually cold weather while we are having unusually hot. My crocus bulbs sprouted and now look like they’ve been burned! I understand after 2 weeks of this, we will cool down for a little while – how about your forecast for some relief?

    1. quercuscommunity

      It should return to normal by next week, with all snow gone and temperatures back to normal. I just hope it hasn’t killed the spring flowers that had started blooming.

  3. Laurie Graves

    No snowplows to clear the road? That must be tough. In our town, those plows hit the road when it snows. We listen for the roar of the plow during the quiet of a storm. Hope the snow stops soon and melts away.

    1. quercuscommunity

      We’ve seen a few recently – that’s how we knew things were serious. Most winters we never see a snowplough, and there are only 450 registered in the whole UK. I can’t tell how many there are in Maine (just that you are short of drivers) , but Chicago seems to have 287. πŸ™‚


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