An Odd Dunnock

I’ve never seen a Dunnock on a feeder before, but after several minutes of unsuccessfully trying to catch a picture of this one on the floor and in a willow arch I was lucky to catch it on the feeder. It took several beakfuls of peanut, hiding behind the feeder all the time, before striking this pose and then flying off.

One chance. One shot. Sorry it isn’t more interesting but it’s all I could get.

I’m sure it’s not the only Dunnock to use a feeder, just the only one I’ve seen. Has anyone else seen them on feeders?

Last week, whilst walking to work, Eddie spotted a group of four parakeets near Wollaton Park. They seem to be growing in numbers, having been reported in ones and twos over the years. We saw a single bird on the farm on two occasions a few years back. (If the Hall in the link looks familiar you may know it better as “Wayne Manor” from the latest Batman film.)

These photos are some I took in the Mencap Gardens yesterday. The snowdrops aren’t showing and there don’t seem to be any crocuses, but the daffodils are coming on nicely. This calls for a planting binge at some point in the year.

Finally, a few skies, with some assistance from a camera that is considerably cleverer than I am.

22 thoughts on “An Odd Dunnock

  1. beatingthebounds

    I haven’t seen a Dunnock on a feeder, I don’t think. I noticed that Finches and shy birds like Marsh Tits seem to have adapted to using feeders. On the other hand, we never get Blue Tits stealing our milk like we did in the seventies though. I guess they don’t appreciate homogenised milk. But that’s progress for you – shaking the bottle was such hard work after all.

  2. Laurie Graves

    I had never heard of a dunnock, so your picture was of great interest to me. I can’t help but feel sorry for creatures who are brought into a country and then considered invasive. On a happier note… those pansies and that sky! Beautiful photos.

  3. Clare Pooley

    Birds seem to be adapting quite quickly to new ways of getting food. I haven’t fed birds in my garden for over two years now (squirrels and rooks between them were costing me a fortune in new feeders) but I had noticed many changes in feeding habits from when I first started putting out food in the early 80’s. Chaffinches only ever fed from the ground in the 80’s but now they join all the other birds on the feeders. Robins had started to use feeders and so had blackbirds before I gave up.


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