The Plan Falls (Mainly) Into Place

Right, I’ve sorted out the debacle that resulted from this morning’s post. I’ve also confessed to another world-class senior moment. This is beginning to be a habit.

So, how did the plan for today go, I hear you ask.


Julia – dropped off at work on time.

Go home – read blogs and write one.  I think you probably know how that went.

Laundry – did that. Couldn’t get a parking space so  had to carry three nags of washing  round the corner and across the road. Managed to set one machine on a cold wash, which was annoying.  Apart from that I had the place to myself most of the time.

Photographs – went to Arnot Hill Park. Didn’t get many as there were a lot of shadows on the water from neighbouring trees, and the bits without shadow had glare from the low sun. There was a cormorant – originally diving for fish, then drying its wings. It took some stalking after I first saw it, but once it decided to dry its wings it stood and displayed itself shamelessly. Nobody else seemed to notice. It’s the first one I’ve seen on the duck pond.


Tufted Duck male on the duck pond at Arnot Hill, Arnold, Notts

From there I went shopping, met an old friend, and spent a happy hour catching up on the news.

After that it was back home to cook and plan blog posts.  However, first I had a sit down and cup of tea. Shall we just say that no cooking or blogging took place, as I moved smoothly on to the final element of the plan.

Fortunately I had set the alarm on my phone, and was  woken in time to pick Julia up from work.

We’re now waiting for a Chinese delivery, as it’s too late to cook. Well, that’s the excuse I’m using.

Only two photographs today because the rest won’t download. The card reader isn’t working and the lead for connecting the camera directly seems to have disappeared. They do that if you don’t keep a constant watch on them.


18 thoughts on “The Plan Falls (Mainly) Into Place

  1. Laurie Graves

    I really enjoyed seeing the picture of the tufted duck. Such a yellow eye. Hope the problem with downloading photos is soon resolved.

  2. jfwknifton

    There are two other theories about why cormorants stand as they do. One is that they are leaning on the breeze to stand up with the least energy expended. The other is that it is a position that straightens the bird’s body in such a way that the gullet and digestive tract can deal with a recently caught fish much quicker because they are able to pass through the system more easily. Perhaps it had just caught one of Arnot Hill Park’s brown trout or even a sockeye salmon?

    1. quercuscommunity

      I did notice that it seemed to be leaning into the wind, so that could well be true.

      I’t spent 20 minutes avoiding me before standing so, so it could have been positively stuffed with fish by that time.


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