Sunset Today and Plans for Tomorrow

I have a busy day planned for tomorrow. Drop Julia off at work, read some blogs and then head off to the launderette. I’ve searched out every scrap of clothing in the house and managed to last almost a month, but we now need clean clothes.

I also have to go shopping, take some photographs, research some posts, start the cooking for next week and sleep in front of the TV. That last one isn’t so much a plan as a statement of inevitability. Like white hair and wrinkles, it’s an unavoidable part of becoming an elderly gentleman. Women are different. Women are more industrious and less likely to snore through an entire episode of Bargain Hunt. Women are also more likely to spend their time in front of the TV rustling things during the quiet bits of programmes and talking over plot points. Well, I know at least one who is…

I tried taking pictures of sunset. As I left the supermarket the sky was quite dramatic. As I reached the car the light was fading. And as I started photographing, the camera “corrected” the sky despite me using several different settings to compensate. It may have been because there was so much light in the car park. Whatever the reason, the clouds should be darker, with fiery red showing through the cracks.


Sunset over Basford

Ah well, time for bed now – back to our routine of early starts tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Sunset Today and Plans for Tomorrow

  1. tootlepedal

    Teaching granny to suck eggs moment: Point the camera at something other than the sky and hold the button half down before switching back to the sky. It sometimes produces good results.

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  4. The Belmont Rooster

    First, I had to laugh about going for a month without doing laundry. Now the problem is you have a months worth of laundry to do. My TV is my iMac so I can go back to pick up where I last remember. I do remember though when I was married though… We would sit down to watch a movie and the next thing I know I wake up close to the end. I always wished she would have woke me up. There are several signs of getting older that can be annoying. I don’t notice them, of course. I am not getting older, I am getting better, especially at denial. GREAT POST as always, my friend!​

  5. Laurie Graves

    Oh, I had to laugh. When we are watching something on either Netflix or Amazon, I am always asking Clif to stop the shows so that we can discuss—you guessed it!—-plot points.


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