A Limerick

I’m starting the day with a Limerick. It’s one of two I have in mind, featuring well-known WordPressers who have exchanged poetry with me in the last few weeks.

As ever, I call it poetry but offer no opinion as to the quality.


A white-haired curmudgeon named Knight,

Found his trousers had grown rather tight.

He ate so much Jalfrezi,

Which he covered in gravy,

That he will never again be quite light.


I tried to fit bahji in, but settled for gravy – less accurate but it seemed to fit better. All us artists have to compromise at some point…

There will be at least one more Limerick today – watch this space!

25 thoughts on “A Limerick

  1. elysianandcynosure

    Hohoho!! Loved it a lott!! Tho you should not have settled for gravy bhaji was much much better… Although cheers! I wish I could write smart and humourous Limericks like this… Even I write Limericks you see, maybe you’d like to check them out?

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      1. GP Cox

        There once was a blogger, GP
        Who went on a holiday spree.
        From the food came the weight
        That by the New Year’s date
        Not one outfit would fit poor me!

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