Five and a Half Hours

As I said yesterday, Julia had a job lined up for me in the afternoon.

It involved going to the farm to collect some stuff for a Mencap Open Day.Β  There we found geese, a couple of men in a shed and a Ferguson tractor. The tractor had all four wheels on, which was something I hadn’t seen before. It always seems to have one off for some sort of work.

From there we went to the Garden Centre for a late lunch (both having Bacon Stilton and Mango Chutney paninis with salad and vegetable crisps), dropped stuff off at the gardens then took an hour-long tour of the Ring Road. I didn’t enjoy that last bit.

I took the opportunity of taking a couple of night shots while we were at the gardens – they seemed to work out OK although the autofocus seemed to struggle a bit with the moon. I don’t think it’s ever had to work at a distance of 384,000 km before, so I expect it had a bit of a surprise.

24 thoughts on “Five and a Half Hours

      1. Clare Pooley

        My parents used to keep geese as well as chickens and one of the ganders killed all the goslings and any chicks that got in his way. My parents donated him to their neighbours who ate him. The geese were much better behaved after he went.

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  2. arlingwoman

    I think your moon shots are gorgeous–Same one I saw tonight leaving the garden. I especially like the one with the full shadow showing–the new moon in the old moon’s arms.


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