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We switched the heating on low a couple of nights ago and had the gas fire on last night because it’s getting a bit chilly.Β The fire was very dusty and didn’t do my throat a lot of good. At around six o’clock this morning I woke up wheezing like a pair of Victorian bellows with a painful cough and a dry throat.

It mainly passed within an hour, and I’m feeling pretty good now, though still a little tender in the throat.

This year is really proving to be a bit of a trial from the health point of view.

The good news is that in general I’m feeling much healthier than I have for some time. I attribute this to large quantities of turmeric and the new low carb diet (which mainly means no chips and no bread). The advantage with not eating bread is that you don’t eat any burgers or sugary spreads either. In truth the feeling of well-being may be coincidence, but by claiming credit for it I’m able to feel both healthy and virtuous.

I’m now looking at articles about superfoods and foods for winter. I’ve been a bit lax about this sort of thing over the last year so it’s time to tighten up.

Overnight oats with fruit for breakfast tomorrow, vegetable soup for lunch and Cottage Pie for tea (incorporating onions, peas and carrots) with sweet potato topping, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. I can probably work lentils and tinned tomatoes in too, so that should do wonders for my vegetable intake.


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  1. oneineatrillion

    Thank you for sharing this. I am on a low carb diet as well right now. Dietary changes tend to alter your gut microbiome and that may have some beneficial impacts on your health. There is more research coming on how you can work with your gut bacteria to boost your health. For me the challenge is always not to bounce back to an unhealthy diet πŸ˜‰

  2. clearingstress

    As mattjones1616 said… the journey to health can be very difficult. Lots of ups and downs and sometimes just when you think you are there you get another bump backwards and it can be very de-motivating but if you stick with it long enough it will pay off. I wish you the best on your journey:)

  3. mattjones1616

    I’m glad you are making progress! The journey to better health can test you beyond belief and will require an immense amount of dedication. At least it has for my own personal journey. As far as articles go for information, I often write about nutritional advice and other health approaches through a mix of basic information mixed with deep science (Masters in biomedical sciences). Maybe you could find some helpful information. Best of luck to you.

  4. Autism Youths

    Omg this is so well written. Followed πŸ™‚ I also aspire to spread awareness of neurological diseases through the love of FOOD in Singapore, Nigeria and other parts of the world πŸ™‚ Do also follow my blog post and check out my posts at Here’s to a great friendship. Appreciate it ❀️

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  6. jfwknifton

    My latest desperate trick is to give up all bread and pastry but also all dairy especially yoghurt. I have lost some weight but I feel a lot less tired and I am a lot more alert. My asthma is also a ittle better without the dairy.

    1. quercuscommunity

      That sounds like my experience – less tired and more alert. I fell off the wagon a bit this week – had chips plus some chocolate and cake – and spent a sluggish couple of days regretting it.

  7. jodierichelle

    I laughed when you said your only worry was needing smaller pants. That’s a riot.
    How do you get the turmeric into your diet? I bought it as a spice, as I am also trying to use it – but I don’t know where to put it.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’m taking two 400mg capsules a day. It’s an expensive way to do it but easier than trying to include it in food. The lady at the chip shop, who is Indian, drinks it mixed with milk. I am going to try it when my current bottle of capsules runs out.

  8. Kathy

    You sound like you’re doing well…the last of the Trick or Treat candy is disappearing…I admit to stress candy eating..working on the health market place dance. Ah well, they’re mini’s… when they’re gone…stress will be too. Laughing is best medicine.

  9. tootlepedal

    I had to go down the smaller trouser route a few years ago after changing my life style a bit when I retired. I live in fear of having to go back to the old ones now and that keeps me on the relatively strait and narrow.


    So far I am keeping a cold at bay with vitamin B Complex and echinacea, sniffles the occaisonal sneezing sessions but no full on cold. Fingers crossed that remains. This time year I am prone. Partly to do with my underactive thyroid gland.


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