Birthdays and Blue Butterflies

It was the Birthday Party today, and we had cake. It was actually an 86th birthday rather than an 85th, as I previously said, so I got an extra year for free.

I also got a present, even though it isn’t my birthday. Bill has completed a marathon cutting session and gave me 112 pieces of wood. Eventually they will become 16 nest boxes, but for now they are merely a dream.

Combined ages 169!

Combined age 169 years and still eating cake

On the way down to the farm I stopped for a few minutes to take some photographs of bales in a field when a blue flash fluttered past. It took a bit of stalking but I eventually got a decent shot.

The tractor is in that phase of restoration where the Men in Sheds have actually removed even more bits in order to get at other bits that need mending. If you look at the back wheel you may be able to pick out the cardboard box they are using to make a gasket. Farmers and Mne in Sheds rarely spend money when they can cut up the box the cake came in.



There is evidence of progress as some parts have been put back. I could start a competition asking people to compare the last post and see what has been done. But I won’t.

There’s certainly been more done to the tractor than the butterfly garden. The dwarf buddleias are now getting on for 6 feet tall and the full size ones are 9 foot monsters. There were plenty of Small Tortoiseshells (about 20 I should think) but only a handful of whites and a solitary Peacock.

You’d think that a wild and unkempt garden was best for wildlife but according to something I read recently it isn’t true. An untidy garden is good, and better for wildlif,e than a totally wild one. Strangely, the monster buddleias are acconpanied by patches of bare earth where useful plants (like borage and daisies) have been ripped out and little has grown back due to shadows and inhospitable clay.

This is certainly true for photography – the out of control buddleia makes it a lot harder to get decent photos.

The last six guineafowl are still around (the white one refused to be photographed) and several of the bantams seem to be living the free-range lifestyle. They were too quick for me to get a decent shot, but they are looking good.

Fortunately I was luckier with my morning and evening visits to Julia’s garden, which I will report on later.

18 thoughts on “Birthdays and Blue Butterflies

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Happy birthday to your friends, Quercus! Sounds like you had a good day out. Using part of the cardboard box for a gasket is an interesting idea. I have some compressed cardboard oil drain plug gaskets for my car, but I prefer the metal compression gaskets.

    1. quercuscommunity

      We’re talking about a generation who grew up with rationing and “make do and mend” here. Buying things when they have a piece of cardboard available is against their moral code. šŸ™‚

    1. quercuscommunity

      The plan is to use it on the new “Edible Forest” project, which is planned as a cooperative.

      If past experience is any guide it will be used by all and sundry, who will abuse it and fail to check the oil level…

  2. Laurie Graves

    Yes, yes, to Men in Sheds and an 86th birthday is certainly worth celebrating. There is only one thing better than a butterfly, and that is a blue butterfly. šŸ˜‰

  3. Helen

    Yes, I can see how a totally wild garden might not be as beneficial as an untidy one. Of course, if all we had was wild, that would be fine, but with nature out of balance wildlife needs as much as it can get! I hope the buddleia are cut back soon.

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