Pizza, Shopping and Death

I’m not quite sure how to order the words in the title, so I settled for my order of preference. I like pizza, I sometimes like shopping, and although I’ve never tried it, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like death.

We had the pizza at Pizza Hut in Mansfield. It was the Lunch Buffet , featuring unlimited pizza and pasta with unlimited salad. They have improved the pizza selection since last time we had it. It used to feature very dull pizzas, such as cheese and tomato and cheese tomato and onion, which always made me feel I was being short-changed. That has changed and there was an excellent selection, including Hawaiian, pepperami, chicken and bacon, BBQ and Vegetarian. There were others too, but I  forget. The salad was OK, though the bowls were small so even Julia went back for a second helping.

The trick with all you can eat buffets is stopping before you are uncomfortably full. Or is that just me? Anyway, after eating two plates of pizza and two bowls of salad I felt comfortably full, and haven’t needed much for tea.

The shopping took place at the East Midlands Designer Outlet. It’s quite good, if you like walking round lots of shops that sell things you neither need or want.  Julia bought a flask and I bought some books. No suprise there, I suppose.

Finally, death. I had a few minutes to think, whilst sitting on a bench waiting for Julia, and for some reason started thinking of living wills. They asked me if I had one when I was filling in some of the interminable paperwork in hospital last week.

I don’t, and, after looking it up and finding out what one is, I’m a bit concerned that they thought they might need it.  I’m also concerned that at the age of 59 I didn’t actually know what one was. I assumed it was a recording you could play at the funeral for the assembled family with a few jokes, a bit of poetry and some wise remarks for the kids.

It could have been quite embarrassing to have handed the NHS a DVD with a couple of jokes and some paternal advice when what they really wanted to know was if they could feed me down a tube.

I think I’ll pass on that. I’m not sure anything worth eating can be fitted down a tube, apart from porridge and very thin chips.

26 thoughts on “Pizza, Shopping and Death

  1. Lavinia Ross

    Over here in my neck of the woods, the local hospital calls these “Advanced Directives”. I had to fill out one of these 7 years ago prior to surgery. One can also fill out a living will with an attorney.

  2. Clare Pooley

    Hmmm….living wills. When we are in good or fairly good health and we start making decisions about how we should be treated in the future when ill and/or old, we don’t often consider that we might have a complete change of mind when faced with impending death/extreme illness.

    1. quercuscommunity

      I’ve always distrusted spaghetti – it’s tasty but there’s always that hint of menace lurking beneath the surface. It’s a bit like a Bateman cartoon – “The Man who ended up with Tomato Sauce in his Ears”.

    1. quercuscommunity

      Rule Number One for titles is that if you can work in a photo of a lamb, kitten, puppy,
      chick or cute toddler nobody will read your brilliant title. 🙂

      Much better thanks.

  3. jodierichelle

    Excellent post. I heartily agree on your order of preference: pizza is an easy first; I’d put it above most things, lol. I love your idea of a living will – I think I might make one.


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